June 19, 2024

v4248-v448-v548 Printer Inks


development chemists and we’re here today to talk about the launch of exciting new video jet inks v448 v548 and v4248 these products are heat curable mek-based black inks qualified for use in video jet continuous inkjet printers and were specifically designed for coding and marking applications in the aerospace automotive and electronics markets they have excellent abrasion and solvent resistance when heat cured meaning stringent military specifications or mil-spec requirements frank can you share some of the development challenges and show us how these inks work sure sherry thanks it was as always a welcome challenge for the video jet

intent to partner with key customers to develop listings this project requires that we rely on both our traditional expertise in high-speed in-jet technology but also in this case getting a deeper understanding of the unique requirements and customer
testing protocols for approval the unique challenges for this include one being curable at lower temperature a 110 degree celsius for example while keeping in stable ambient storage temperature and two la in not being classified as cmr carcinogenic metagenic and reproductive tossing as many classic curable materials are actually cmr chemicals the e needed to further meet the electronic industrial standard on halogen specification

And three after cueing the e needs

to have excellent solvent resistance to mek or acetone for example and finally la in need to to be able to pass the stringent mere spat test we started a project with careful selection of law materials and land proceeds with numerous formulations and testing on a variety of different substrates to help ensure that the aim mixed the customers unique coding requirements then we took our product prototype formula to a customer site to test it on their online production line to make sure that it meet their specific application criteria we also did regular printer testing with the ink to be sure it delivers excellent upturn in video jet printers

now i will demonstrate the solvent resistance of the cute print images these are called printed on aluminum plate ink v548 one coat has been killed with heat and they are and the other one is not cured i’m going to wipe the coats with a with a swab with acetone and now you will see the difference and you will see like the wipe it it’s gone so i’m going to do the same wipe it with acetone and you will see yeah there’s no impact when you wipe it thanks frank these new heat curable inks are innovative products developed by video jet to meet our customers needs v448 and v 4248 run in standard industrial printers while the v548 was designed to run in the high resolution model printer we look forward to bringing you more inks in the near future you

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