June 25, 2024
AuctionZIP PA

AuctionZIP PA: to Pennsylvania Auctions

To a variety of different locations antique malls primarily of course to flea markets yard sales garage sales today we’re trying something brand new I’m going to take you guys to an online auction now this one is a little bit different this auction is actually here in Ohio uh the auction house is housed in donnelsville Ohio it’s only like a 15 minute drive from here the thing is is that they don’t have an on-site auction you can’t go and bid in person you have to do everything online kind of like another little introduction I’m going to show you the favorites the things that I’m really keeping my eye on some things to keep in mind

when you are buying on an online auction even the same things can apply if you’re buying in person like buyers premium that’s definitely something you need to keep your eye on the percentages can go from as low as five percent up to 30 plus percent per item so you do have to keep that in mind so if you’re making a hundred dollar bid that hundred dollar bid becomes 130. again it’s really important to keep that in mind whether you’re collecting and most especially

if you were selling now while this online auction is occurring here in Ohio I would not purchase these things if I was not able to pick them up and I’m going to get to that specific point here when I’m showing you guys some items that are my favorites, does help with the cost and technically it does still have the same chemical composition as a natural stone

So far as shipping and handling

You do pay for that and you pay a pretty penny on that so do keep that in mind but let’s just dive right into it I hope that you guys find this to be an interesting experience this is definitely not for everybody I get it the prices can get a little crazy and as a reseller I can’t go as high as some people may go depending on maybe the market that they’re selling in or more specifically if they’re collecting so uh fingers crossed there are some absolutely amazing things in this sale and regardless I’m excited to share this experience with you guys I hope that you enjoy it and you’re gonna have to let me know in the comments

so let’s do it hey guys so here we are at AuctionZIP PA now we are currently logged into my account and a feature that is new apparently on AuctionZIP PA though I think it’s been around for a little bit is this save your favorite photos and come back to them later um so I have done that in a open auction uh now keep in mind this isn’t everything that I’m interested in not only for collecting or reselling but these are my top favorites so I’m going to go over here to favorites and alerts and I’m going to click on that first like my favorite options and photos okay we’re in there and we see now all of these items are in fact by burner’s Auction Gallery in donnelsville Ohio that is only about a 15 minute drive for me a lot of these things

I wouldn’t necessarily want to pick up for shipping um

Just because the vast majority of AuctionZIP PA users do use ups and the thing that I have found when using ups and it’s not a bad thing it just simply is what it is um when an item is shipped from an auction house through UPS UPS picks up those items and then there you are given a quote over the phone that includes the cost of boxes bubble wrap any paper tape that they use it then includes on top of the actual shipping amount a shipping and handling fee so a simple item like oh what did I buy I think I bought like a six inch vase from 30 minutes away and this is when I was new to the site that shipping cost me 16

just to ship it uh 15 minute drive from here so what maybe 15 miles so that is something to consider again I don’t know that I would bid on a lot of these items given the shipping cost for example um the third item over we have the iridescent Glass Four vase epern this is a pink Fenton stretch glass epern you see it says register and bid online is is that I can’t see the active bids on this you have to click on it and then it takes you into the actual auction you can kind of have to go through everything but these are the items that I am currently keeping my eye on like I said there’s plenty more let’s just go ahead and click on this enamel the green one here this is one of my

Favorites this is not beautiful or not look at that stand

On that so what I’m going to do is scroll down here and we’re gonna where is it You full gallery photo gallery for this sale we’re going to click in there and then it takes you to the entire sale so you’re going to see everything listed here um let’s see if we can find one okay this blue glass enamel right here we’re going to click on that you saw that’s a favorite but the little red heart so currently there it is up to sixty dollars there are nine bids I want to also show you something to keep in mind when you are going to use an online auction service

this is just an example I’m not going to finalize this bid I’m going to put in 70 and let’s get that out of there we’re going to leave the bid now it’s coming up with a suggested bit of 800 to guarantee uh it’s saying you have an 85 percent of the high estimate yeah I don’t know about all that but what I want to show you is that you see the 70 bid and you see underneath it it says 18.20 if you look to the left data saying buyers premium um what is that percentage we’re going to switch over to the calculator here quick so see items on which you bid so that seventy dollar bid just became 88.20

So especially if you’re going to have something shipped

Now again I I would just simply make the drive look at this cranberry satin glass epern here keep in mind this is a Wednesday the auction is going to go up live Thursday I’m going to record the actual auction so you can kind of get a better idea of how this will roll I’m very interested in this epurn right here this does have the Stag bottom on there is another uh it’s like a compote that
they have on there this one’s a little bit fancier with the whale bone So currently at 150 dollars with two bids just go back here took good old AuctionZIP PA we did did check out this we can just kind of looked at it in the favorites that’s right so okay so here I am currently um you can see it says my bid my Maxima bid is at 140 meaning that I am the high bidder it’s currently standing at 31 dollars with eight bids

so people are really bidding incrementally on this piece which is surprising to me um I I don’t know we’re gonna have to see how that goes or what is that it’s a lot you can see it right up here in the upper left right there lot 30 32 um I would recommend writing a list down so you can kind of keep a better eye on that this auction there are I don’t know how many items but if we just scroll through here quickly hopefully it doesn’t make you go too cross-eyed but there are hundreds of items in this auction um an auction like this could probably take about eight hours so it is a tremendous

investment in time especially if you like items that are all the way down at,

The bottom now let’s look at that center row There we’ve got the green stone earrings we’ve got the gold diamond and Sapphire and then right over here we have that satin Glass Center Bowl on Silver Plate silver plated stand so that one is currently at 95 dollars with two bids on it I absolutely love this gold enameling on there that detailing with that purple I mean ah the Artistry behind that is stunning um I’m not mad at the Silver Plate having that patina on it let’s see if we can do yeah here’s a closer view look at that all of that filigree on that mug goodness, he’s over here just trying to be so technical 25 a piece which I still think

I mean just talk about Elegance so what would you use these for um so obviously this was not just in anybody’s home it was a a wealthy family and they would more than likely have this item not to say that it’s the only use for it but um more than likely a lot of these would be used for calling cards so this would be sitting in your entry and you’d of course would have your table or some object some piece of furniture that would house this and as guests came in they would leave their calling cards in that a lot of people I don’t what did they call that I don’t think they really yeah they didn’t distinguish if it was a wedding basket or not um like here glass

Brides basket you could certainly do it for that more

than likely and I did use it’s interesting um oh what was it I don’t know if it was a Sears catalog or oh shoot I can’t remember these were actually advertised and sold initially as Fruit and Berry baskets but apparent I would assume the reason that the bride basket has gained so popular is because they were more often than not given as a wedding gifts but you certainly didn’t have to use it for flowers you could I know Richard has one and he’ll put a or he’s used floral foam or he could put a glass flower frog in their Pottery Flower Frog to put a small floral arrangement in there but imagine using that for fruits and berries so um anyhow I think that’s all that I wanted

to show you right now um and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to come back to it and we will see the actual auction in progress so hopefully we’re able to uh get a few things from this auction it’s a lot of high-end stuff that being said all of the high-end things having it online it’s really going to drive some prices up though sometimes it’s just one of those things where people aren’t interested in a particular item and you’re scratching your head and sometimes it’ll be something where you’re like oh they don’t want that and it goes for an astronomical amount it’s all about personal taste and Aesthetics and uh we’re gonna see how this auction goes fingers, it’s not genuine I mean it technically is cold but

Crossed and um ah Good Vibes Good Vibes guys

here we go alrighty guys so here we are on one of the first lots that I’m interested this is lot 301 you can see to the left uh
where the bids are coming in everybody of course is assigned a paddle number just like they would be if they were in person this one is currently up to 110 fair warning we have underneath the picture of the item there you can see that there are 64 bidders that are viewing so we have moved on now to a Pearl Earring that last one at what was it 110 that was interesting now there are quite a few lots that I am interested

in and I do have my list of different lots to be looking at our next one that we’re interested in is going to be a lot 30 12 and this one is at 303 so we have nine more Lots before our next one comes up sold look at the look at that do you see this look at that 14 15 15 50 16 Corners you can see right underneath the blue there it is telling

you what your next bid would be as the prices go up your incremental bids do increase that’s at 16.50 my goodness so here we’ve got a Soho 18 karat gold bangle bracelet all right aggressive auction here today fair warning on that one my goodness uh look at these bids just popping in they’re just jumping jumping jumping so the competing bids what’s going on is those were automated bids geez El Louise okay so that one is at we’re at 30 okay 307 now at

This point so 312 is our next lot we’re interested

in so I will come back when that one comes on okay guys here we are back on lot 312 it is a blue diamond optic so bids are coming in 55.60 uh I’m not overly interested in this one uh while they do think of course the blue opalescent is beautiful I’m not overly sold on the entire look it’s the shape of the glass that’s really got me kind of um questioning

it and the fact that this one’s going at 110 is a little bit disconcerting but 302 did go at 110 also so I’m kind of seeing some interesting things I will say that the jewelry here seems to be blowing up these are 10 carat gold hoop earrings I’m not sure as the cost of gold right now now this one isn’t going as high um it being 10 karat those look like they might have been Hollow so the sterling silver sterling silver I do know the cost on sterling silver as a metal has gone up significantly

these are interesting they’re still in packaging they look more contemporary obviously but 950 dollars and again keep in mind this is without the 20 26 percent uh buyers premium 18 karat gold box chain interesting that one’s only going at 400 fair warning next incremental bid would be 425 we’re up to 79 bidders currently viewing the auction our next lot that we’re interested in is going to be 3019 Staffordshire open forbidding safety I just these dogs just don’t do it for me and I see a lot of them

A lot of uh variations of these popular in Victorian

Times yeah oh now this does have a soft close on this so which is really interesting I do like this so if you’re still interested in the item there’s no you know as I do on um my live cells are even on eBay is another really good example you know there is a fixed time and no matter the interest above and beyond the time ending that final bid and that final second that is the winner where here this will go until people are done bidding

with that soft close so if there’s 10 seconds left that’s fair warning on somebody else bids then it adds on like five seconds so then there’s 10 seconds left so you know that is a really nice feature now this is going this Fenton silverhorn Silver Crest epern at 30. that’s really not that bad um so what do we have 30 about 37 dollars uh I don’t think that’s horrible but just not where I would need it to be as reselling so woo so that one went for 35 that wasn’t too terrible to be truthful or 30.

so that wasn’t too bad next lot that we’re interested in is at 30 22. on my list I have stars next to those items and that indicates my interest in maybe selling them uh for resale and then I have other ones that I’m just generally interested in the occult art glass jellyfish paperweight here it’s pretty I would prefer different colors on this one all right guys I will check back here with you one 30 22 comes up alrighty guys here we are on 30 22. now this one has the Stag base this is at 110 currently um I’m not mad at it let’s do

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