June 19, 2024
Retro Bowl unblocked

Retro Bowl unblocked Play Free Official Retro Bowl Game Online

Retro Bowl unblocked a football slash coaching slash sports management sim retro game it’s a mobile game I’m gonna be playing it on BlueStacks and it’s free it’s a really good free-to-play game you can enjoy the game completely for free and the unlocked full version is just a buck honestly you should probably just go play the game on your phone or tablet instead of watching this video series but if you’re gonna watch this video series for whatever reason let’s go ahead and start a new game so the way it works the beginning

is you type in your name and I have not actually been able to figure out how to type in more than one letter in BlueStacks so we’re gonna be PB for Papa Boris and you choose your favorite team I don’t actually know what this does mechanically but I’m gonna go ahead and pick green bags I live in Wisconsin so you know I’m gonna have who stood Freud and you can start with your favorite team as the coach of your favorite team but the game doesn’t recommend that and it makes kind of sense so we’re gonna do is not start with Green Bay and the goal of this series will be to become the head coach of the Green Bay Packers and then win

The retro bowl unblocked while their head coach so this series

Will either end there or I’ll just be too bad at this game because I do suck horribly and give up while trying now what I like about this game is that it actually starts you rather creatively as the head coach of a crappy team at the end of a season so you play the last game of the regular season for this team that you start on and then you like get a little bit of a warm-up a taste of how the game works before you dig into the beginning of a new season and have to do the draft and all that stuff now we’re not gonna skip the tutorial

but I am gonna skip all these steps of the tutorial we’ll talk about that stuff later on our own terms nobody owns me nobody tells me what to do okay so let’s go ahead and do some basic mechanic tutorial izing so in this game you click I should say tap on your quarterback and you drag backwards to aim the ball then you let go and he throws

The ball and if one of your people catches

It that’s good and then if they don’t catch it that’s bad and then if one of again anything catches it that’s really bad here we’re gonna do a shotgun that I don’t actually know if that’s what it is called um I don’t really know football very well so yeah there we go the quarterback was dropping back that time before he you know threw the ball okay so now rushing what to do a rushing play you click on the blue

circle for your running back and as you run you can actually move up and down the way it works is you swipe now here I’m going to admit I’m a little bit of a cheater I have created custom controls here in BlueStacks in order to handle the up-and-down swiping so that my characters can move this is because in BlueStacks maybe I’m just terrible I find swiping very difficult you can’t click and drag you have to like click move the mouse and let go really fast and I’m just bad at that

So I created custom controls

To swipe with the arrow keys so yeah I’m a cheater stop watching go watch someone else play this retro bowl unblocked mobile game about managing a sports team yeah ok now you can also run with your quarterback which I will literally never do but you aim the ball backwards to do that and then you run and there’s a couple things you can do you can actually swipe backwards to stop in place in addition to swiping down to move down or swiping up to move up and you can also swipe forwards in order to dive I didn’t actually managed to swipe

forwards that time the diving is kind of nifty you know you obviously give up the opportunity to run what it’s right why did that fail oh you wanted me to dive and not get a touchdown got it ok so I ping forwards you can guarantee a few extra yards at the cost of giving up the opportunity to maybe get more yards by running further so you can like swipe right before you’re about to get

Tackled and sneak some extra yards

In okay so you now let’s go ahead and talk about kicking first you click to set the power of your kick and then you click again to
aim your kick and then if you aim good it goes I believe I believe the expression is it it splits the uprights I learned that from NFL Blitz back in the arcade days and then you get a point or three points depending on the circumstances ok so what we’re doing another kicking tutorial ok so now it’s farther away so it’s harder but I’m just really amazing so gets in anyways ok so

I am going to show you guys how to get the perfect draft scenario for building a amazing squad going into your year two of the game which is your first full season we’re gonna start off doing a new game i’m gonna show you guys how to get it right from the very beginning name your couch whatever you want i normally start with favorite team it’ll work this way it might work other ways i’m not even gonna bother changing my favorite team if i have to do this more than once i’ll show you the first time i’ll probably cut to when i get the perfect settings and then we’ll go from there you can

Step 1 Roster

Skip the tutorial unless you want to play it don’t need to worry about your team’s win loss record too much what you want to do is you want to look at your roster every roster is going to start with five players but where you can make or break a better or worse draft is as follows one you’re gonna want to have at least three full two star players and then two you’re going to look at the age i believe quarterbacks and kickers decline at age 32 everyone else

declines at age 30. so a 30 year old quarterback will maintain value 31 year old d lyman will decline but the rest of those guys are young unfortunately they’re not two stars though so this is not a perfect draft but what you want you want at least three two star higher players who are going to maintain their value three is the most i’ve ever seen so if you do that and then you trade all three you’ll have

Obviously your one first round pick

But then you’ll have one plus three as four second round picks and that’s going to be immensely valuable so that is step one i’m going to cut out however many attempts it takes for me to get that perfect roster but i will show you what it looks like before i proceed to the next stop and i think i have it here with a base buffalo roster now we have a 36 year old quarterback but he’s at two and a half stars so i’m banking on him

only declining from two and a half stars to two stars then we have a running back and a wide receiver that don’t matter a defensive lineman 29 years old 2 stars should stay at 2 stars and a kicker at age 23 also 2 stars once you have that you’re going to

Step 2 Tank

Want to tank your week 17 game two reasons one you’ll still get one coaching credit it’ll be really important if you’re able to to get four coaching credits by the end of your week 17 game but two if you lose your first game by losing your first game you get better draft prospects so i’m going to lose this game and will come back once i’ve intentionally lost this game with further saps alrighty and now that

Step 3 Draft

I have tanked and lost my week 17 game which i did just by throwing a bunch of interceptions next step will be to go to the front
office and find a free agent a one star free agent that costs four coaching credits and sign them to a contract so now you have a six player roster then you can skip the playoffs if there’s none on the first try scroll through every free agent back out then do the playoffs and after the playoffs check again

it’ll give you a new list and odds are they’ll be worse than before so you’re more likely to get a one star but anyone that’s a one star is a third round pick that’s why you’re making the trade now here we go it’s this perfect scenario the quarterback is still two stars so that’s one second round pick two second round picks three second round picks and then the one stars are third round picks including the one you sign so it works really well and now jumping into the draft look at this one first rounder four second rounders four third rounders

when you look at the draft you’re typically going to want at least one elite defender honestly i zone in on at most three players you want in the first round and then use your scouting to see what stats you like best for me i like the look of marlon mannion so marlon welcome to the team in round two three and a half star defender not bad we will take that and then

Max speed running back

You know that potential is nice a three star wide receiver can get to max speed we’ll take that then we have one more pick that’s a really juicy looking quarterback these mid and late rounds that’s where you’ll additionally want to use scouting you know a d-back that can get really solid speed will take that and then your third round picks these were all one star players remember now look at this i have three picks left and i have a two and a half star kicker

not that i really want him but disregarding kickers there are six two star players i’m turning those one star players third round picks into two star players second round picks now if your two star players are terrible in year two don’t worry because after year two and before year three’s draft you can trade them and again they were third round picks they’re going to become second round picks

You’re just building up moving up the chain

In this case let’s see we’re gonna scout these players i don’t really like them what about these defenders we might take shaq and joke you might take tom and nunua you can see there is a lot of potential depending what you want we’ll take a tight end we have one more pick let’s scout the kicker we’ll actually take the kicker and that is the squad so again i took a year one team with three two star

players and two one sorry players i took my coaching credits got a third one started player turn those into three second rounders three third rounders and then look at this team i drafted three star defense two and a half star


Offense nothing crazy but compared to the fact that you had a one star and a half star that’s a pretty solid build of a team going completely from scratch no money spent this is pretty close to a perfect draft this is perfect draft conditions at most i would have had slightly different prospects which if you really want to nitpick for the perfect prospects you would just have to repeat this process over and over again a few more times to get the team that you want but i hope you guys enjoyed this

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