June 19, 2024
now.gg roblox

now.gg roblox-Play Roblox Game Online for Free on PC And Mobile

now.gg roblox users are mobile users they they signed up on a mobile device isn’t that interesting that means that give or take 21 of the people that play roblox on pc that mean well that means 21 of people on roblox play on pc basically what can we do with that information absolutely nothing but you know what we could do we could become our own new division of roblox players so 79 people are mobile 21 on pc but then wait a second we gotta make room for the for the dudes

that are gonna be on mobile pc what mobile pc what what is this so there’s actually this new website called now dot gg it’s basically like it’s like a mobile cloud or whatever that’s supposed to mean you can like play mobile apps on a computer you know what i mean so like you go on the play store on your computer just say like call of duty was only on mobile then you could get this you could go on this website now.gg roblox and you could download call of duty on your pc it’s sort of like a simulator type thing where it like opens

Up a little window so what i’m trying to get at is you could basically

Play roblox on this website so it’s like i can be a roblox mobile user but on pc isn’t that mind-blowing explosion make sure to do an epic explosion right there uh just so it looks really epic so what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna do a day in the life of a roblox mobile user on pc hopefully we can carve out our own percentage of roblox players and become like the two percent of people that play on mobile pc i’ll do my right all uh i want to be like a really young oh i forgot there’s also stupid ads that’s how this website makes money they do like a whole bunch of ads i mean

they’re not stupid it’s like a for a pc but whatever i’ll be like what three years old sure not whatever confirm don’t use your real name whoa whoa last name reveal whoa what is that password you guys are not gonna you know i’m not even gonna see my password let’s be a dude this time let’s sign up with roblox on the mobile oh my gosh we gotta do a little verification thing oh no i hate this bro

it’s like lagging too oh wait what is this free scratch card in what play and win on now gg

More than ten thousand dollars click continue playing for 10minutes to earn what you can literally get robux off this website who would want to be a mobile user when you could be a mobile pc user and get free robux um yeah sodon’t worry guys no one will ever know this is my actual account no one willever know that i colin gainer have made in this cool account so what game should we play oh my gosh it’s kind of laggy a little bit car dealership tycoon so what kind of happens is it kind of like play like bro stop it’s like scrolling all by itself okay if i could just if i could just scroll a little bit is there a way is there a way to go down let’s click play yeah so this is all in my browser

just so you know this is all my browser right now so like all you’re seeing right now this is exactly what a mobile user would see it doesn’t have the buttons on the screen but it’s literally what a mobile user would see i can still use the arrow keys but this is how it would be look at look how low the quality is quality sucks what’s the resolution on this just i know guys today’s video is going to be really low quality because of the stupid low qualitiness of now.gg roblox they don’t have the high quality quality that roblox has forgot we got to go up here and like do no stop to leave without me no well it looks like i’m going to be stuck on this putrid earth and just dude

The stupid edge there’s like bajillion heads i don’t need a car

I literally dude i’m not even out of high school yet bro it’s not doing the thing uh clothes this is so annoying this hasn’t even told us a disaster yet how did you die one two three four five six seven nine great earthquake get outside and stay away from tall structures i will homeboy whoa this woman is rattling she’s dead whoa look at all the dying bodies you are going to die you little sinner bro it’s literally so laggy right now it’s hard to turn my screen because every time i move my mouse it doesn’t like stay on the screen like in roblox it like goes off the screen a little bit oh my gosh

this is so nerve-wrecking dude stop you’re stealing my spot how do i take damage dude well i hope that falls on something i hope that falls on somebody oh this is so easy here this is the easiest whoa whoa man hey whoa bruh whoa you stuck he’s oh i thought he was stuck on the ground for a second he he was able to weasel his way out of that one usually he must have a really greasy body to be able to slip through the part whoa she’s cheating alert she’s hacking stop hacking dude you almost pushed me off how to wipe my nose it really hurts when i wipe my nose too i have a really bad sunburn right now because i went to a pool and i forgot to put on sunscreen

My face is like bleeding red it’s like bleeding everywhere and i had to wipe

The blood from my nose oh my gosh i’m not even looking at the screen right now i’m just kind of jumping along but yeah like i had to wipe my nose and it really hurt because like i had to rub my nose and it’s all red and swollen or whatever okay it’s not actually scrolling but my real name new match hopefully we do we win again no one knows it was me everyone’s like going over there maybe i don’t know but it’s difficult because like sometimes the disaster like goes sometimes

you gotta go up there oh my gosh bro it’s really sensitive if i barely move my camera it moves it a whole lot i have to go really slow if i turn this then i go it like moves my camera as well four weeks in five minutes i can redeem my roblox my roblox my dude [Applause] i’m literally going to die that’s the one thing that’s good about actual mobile tsunami there’s a freaking head

on my screen make sure you’re blurring out all these ads i can’t even oh my gosh close out that end oh my bob oh my bob get me in help maybe if i go up here it’ll be worth it well where’s the tsunami i don’t see a tsunami oh snap oh that’s not a tsunami bro dude i really hope this is gonna work i have a feeling it’s not gonna let me survive this why is it going so slow

Is it waiting for me to go all the wayback down just to do okay

There we go i was about to say boy i didn’t you didn’t want your grandmother no i didn’t do that that much fall damage you fall two inches did you take 100 damage this game sucks this game has been up for what 17 billion years and it still hasn’t figured out how to solve the fall damage issue bro it’s so sensitive i have to barely move hey hey brother hey brother whoa dude i was trying to push this guy off and it’s like

it’s like slurping me up see look at that dude help me push him over help me push no don’t push him that way dude you’re so annoying i lost that round all because of stupid mobile pc maybe we should play a different game let’s go ahead and try a different game this one’s it’s too difficult with like the the dying and the stuff and everything it’s so annoying natural disaster

survival it’s a good game it’s just really hard to play what about work at a pizza place let’s start making some pizzas in mobile i want to see if i actually you know what oh hold on a second i i don’t know if i should like should i sign in with my actual account and see if i can get some robux off this i might i’ll do that soon okay it looks like we’re going to be a cashier right now i have to keep i have to blow my nose bro

It’s lagging the quality sucks i’m like spitting all over everything

You just see my it’s so weird seeing my actual name like in the leaderboard thing it’s so weird bro this woman’s tall bro she’s like taller than me with my hat on what is she taking like those uh those little supplement the growth supplements dude oh my gosh if i see i if i see another uh computer and i’m gonna flip my leg bruh i’m gonna get so angry at this game you know what and i shouldn’t get angry at the game i should get angry at now.gg roblox download

because it sucks who’s the manager not only do i have bad quality i have lag i have high sensitivity you know what maybe it’s actually maybe it’s this can i change this will actually help a lot there we go that’s a lot better okay no that’s not that’s not bad it like doesn’t like my mouse goes off the screen a little bit i could accidentally click something i’m the cashier now okay man what do you want let me click you sure i can’t be rude i thought they had an option to be rude one second please i really want to order sausage or pepperoni here you’re gonna have a drink i hate this place i hate you i wish you could interact with the customers actually so like

If i could i could say something mean double time i have to work extras

I hate my job why does it turn the camera as well is this what actually is this what mobile players feel like does it actually turn the camera when you move to the left like that that’s so annoying oh now you’re cursing at me my first time as a mobile user and you’re cursing at me this makes it a very pleasurable experience doesn’t it hey give me that woman the the the cost of mercedes doesn’t like toppings on his pizza no that was the dallas pizza was done roach pizza wow what is happening

why does he keep typing it’s not even typing what i’m typing stop cursing maybe she’ll stop now i have no idea it just like pressed my s key like a ton of times it looked like i was trying to curse at her but i wasn’t trying to maybe she’s having the same difficulty maybe she’s doing the same thing hi dominic oh yes the pizza is done here we go here we go a lovely order for um uh

do we have any customers any customers in this pizzeria it’s so difficult to turn my screen it’s so difficult dominic has joined the game here serve this no stop no no stop jumping it’s like making me jump now the controls this website sucks it’s not even letting me do my thing let me talk

To the manager that’s what i’m trying to do because

I need to talk to the manager as well because i need a raise and i need some crutches because it’s very difficult for me to walk right now i have to go like left and then right at the same time bro you’re burning pizza do as i say not as i do you know what i’m saying so if i say don’t burn the pizzas but then i burn one just don’t burn the pizzas you are now a cook no i’m now a murderer and a crime and a criminal i have stolen your pizza you know what i will steal all the pizzas bro stop i can’t even see another ad dude this is getting so annoying it keeps rubbing it in that i have a terrible pc i have that i have like

A desktop i have like a really really like basic computer for like office work not like one you would use for gaming because my mother said oh no computers only for school but i said mom i want to do gaming and she said no so i had to like you know what i mean it’s kind of difficult because like i had to use like give me these blood cells we’re putting blood cells on the pizza that is disgusting i’m spitting so much here roach fly pizza i will hand deliver this to a customer oh wow it’s like an actual mobile now we got the buttons and everything my server is filling up with the russians did i just steal someone’s car because this car has a pizza thing

On top and mine doesn’t i think i justsold i think i just stole someone’s car whoopsie

Yes claim stretch card time to reveal your reward better look next time this game sucks big epic lame scam this game is disgusting what’s something else you will play uh as a mobile user okay i’m probably gonna get super angry at this of course i get another end again you better be blocking out these ads i don’t want people i don’t want them advertising my okay this is gonna be really difficult this is gonna be really difficult i know it oh my gosh this is gonna be so difficult can i shift lock turn it on

this game is disabled shift lock this game is a monster oh my gosh i barely made it it is so it’s so difficult oh my gosh this is so annoying we’re gonna have to persevere we’re gonna have to really do our best with what we got oh my gosh i made it i’m such a gaming person gaming haha you died lava bird you’re supposed to be immune to lava yes yes oh my gosh i’m actually making it this is literally the i’ve never gotten this far in tower bob tower of dardang whoa whoa that was close oh my gosh this is so difficult brah expo your mom dude it hasn’t oh my gosh it literally has this little glitch thing where it makes you walk forward just like roblox online

A slight little bit and it did that and i walked

Off of it and this is the first level and i’m getting so annoyed i’m going to start punching things dude hey guys it’s me it’s me noob i’m going to be playing tower of bob tardarn me and the girls playing tower of bad tower me and the girls just me and the girls having so much fun in tower bob in tower of badness and tower of devil’s lair you guys ever thought that this game is actually a representation of the devil’s lair like tower of tower badness equals tower you know guys that’s gonna be it for now um so yeah let me uh so yeah that is basically the the mobile pc gaming experience

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