July 13, 2024
descargar workshop garage technical repair software 2019 rar

descargar workshop garage technical repair software 2019 rar

Super pumped we’ve got some amazing stuff coming actually there’s an update coming before the end of January which is possibly one of the best updates most exciting updates that we’ve ever done some more on that to come you’ll have to wait in anticipation for that one but in the meantime I’ve got this video about some cool super cool things that we’ve added into Workshop software and we are just about to release and I’m gonna show you some of those things right now so let’s jump in there and check it out so I’m just gonna jump into the booking diary and I’m just gonna show you what

Booking Diary currently looks like you probably

The booking Diary currently looks like you probably already know all this sort of stuff but I just want to show you a change that we’ve made in here so what you can see is that I’ve got our three mechanics shown there and if I go to the sorry that’s the second page if I go to the first page I’ve got our five mechanics shown on the first page and I had three on the second page right what we’ve got is we’ve got an update that if

Mechanics for booking diary

You go into the company settings if you go for mechanics for booking diary you can set that to a value and let’s say I’m gonna set it to eight I’ve got eight mechanics in my system so if I go and set that I can just jump back into the booking diary I’m going to go into this particular day just once again right and click on it and you’ll notice now that this has got eight mechanics are all listed across the page which allows you to see them all at the one time which is super cool one thing a little caveat around this be aware if you’ve got twenty mechanics

and you want to show all twenty on the one screen great you can do that the challenge is if you’ve got a small screen or a screen that doesn’t apply to having that many you know mechanics on the screen itself the screen might actually not looked real great so we designed it so that it’s got a few people on it so that you can actually see things like each of the bookings quite easily and stuff like that so complete disclosure up to you as to how many you want to show in there that sort of thing but you’ve got that functionality which is really really cool

the next thing it actually also relates to the booking diary so up here we’ve got the default labor product in here and I’ve set this to a service you can set it to your general labor you can set it to whatever you want and actually just a side note you’ll notice that this is spelt la Bo AR I’ve actually got this set for the United States I want to show you a couple of things for specific for our United States our customers so you’ll notice

some other thing spelt differently and stuff like that so don’t be alarmed for our Australia and New Zealand clients the I’ve just happened got this particular system set for United States so let’s just jump back on track back into the booking diary in fact what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna go and create a booking so I’m just going to search for a customer go create a booking and what you’ll notice now is that the service at 1.5 hours which is the default hours I’ve got for that is automatically put on

to this particular booking so you don’t have to remember to do that there was a bit of an issue where if you didn’t put a labor line on to a booking it wouldn’t appear in the booking diary people got confused by that so we’ve fixed that and so that’s gonna be a big helpful users so I hope you love that okay another cool thing again, descargar workshop garage technical repair software 2019 rar

Variable Field Labels

Let’s just jump back into company settings if I scroll down here you’ll notice now that we’ve got these variable field labels if I open that you’ll see that the plate or the registration number field can be changed the VIN and the fleet code so for example if I wanted to put that as license slash maybe serial number I might want the VIN

to be something like ID number and I might want that to be something like a site code rather than a fleet code so this is gonna change the label that you’re gonna see throughout the whole system for this particular for the registration for the VIN and for the fleet let’s just take a look so if I save that and I’ll jump into the vehicles so if I just scroll up and find

Site Code Labels

The vehicles and go into any random vehicle in here you’ll see that for starters this has changed you’ve got the site code up here so if I pull up a random vehicle you’ll actually notice that this has got this on here the ID number site code so these labels have changed when you print out an invoice it will print it out with you know site code for example instead of and licence or whatever you change that so this is awesome if you’re maybe not a general motor mechanic repairer so if you’re doing things like diesel repairs farm machinery maybe you work on equipment

You know that sort of stuff so you you’d you know you don’t even need a maybe you don’t work on registered vehicles for argument’s sake and you can just call it a serial number or something along those lines so great for those sorts of businesses so that’s another change that we’ve made to the system so if you go


And have a look in the actual invoice itself you can go and see this as well so if we just jump into a job here that we’ve got going you’ll notice that this has got licensed serial number here when you print out the invoice that sort of stuff you know you’ve got that sort of thing it all works really really well the other thing just for our United States customers and North American customers we’ve actually integrated with the parts tech news magazine labor times which is a really cool this has

Parts Tech

Got all the labor so for example if I pull up say the pads or something like that what I can do is this has gone off and made a call you’ll see here the labor times are listed I can add that labor time on to the actual transaction itself so you’ll notice here that this is you know added that particular item onto the transaction or the invoice or the booking for that matter yeah so the part stickers got all sorts of different labor items on here so you know if you wanted to choose you know electrical sort of stuff maybe the the wiper you know fluid pump or something like that

it takes you know point eight of an hour you can just go and add that onto the invoice or at least know it you can quote it you can do those sorts of things that’s really really cool the other thing that we’ve done is under integrations you’ll notice now that the integrations menu has been updated so it’s got automotive accounting and marketing integrations in the automotive ones again this is just for the North American ones we’ve also got this tire

Tire Registration integration as part of workshop software

Registration so you can this is via a company tire metrics where you can register your tires so if you go into a job and you add a tire on to that particular job you can register it so that’s a statutory requirement in North America so if I put on a set of set of
tyres for example on here you can add the dot and the TI n number and it will register it for you as well you can also get tire pressure management system and see what the TPMS does on this particular vehicle so that’s all managed through that tire pressure management the tire registration integration as part of workshop software which is again really cool ok another couple of

Invoice Settings in here is hide tax

Settings that we’ve done in the system if you go into company settings again and we’re just going to scroll down and go into invoice settings there’s two new settings in here is hide tax on invoice lines so if you don’t want to print the actual tax amount on a or the GST amount on an individual line item basis you can turn that off

so in other words on a line-by-line basis it won’t show you the tax on a it will still show you tax at the bottom of the invoice but addition won’t show it on each individual line and you can also ask for the due dates when you process an invoice and I’ll show you what that one does this will ask you for for

Stock Take just for that one product

Example when the registrations due or if you’re in New Zealand for example of when the woofs do that sort of thing so if we go into process an actual transaction and when you process it will actually say when is the license plate due date so you can actually say okay well it’s due on August the 20th and go and save that and that will go and put that against that particular vehicle and associate that date as the next registration due date for that particular vehicle so that’s what that particular system does for those couple of settings that are in the system

so again love hope you like these updates one other cool little thing that we’ve actually added in is under the stock take you’ve now got a stock take single add and what this does is if I put a product in here and I put in account I can actually go and save this and that will go into a stock take just for that one product what’s really cool about this is you could scan a barcode for example so if you wanted to scan the barcode it would find the product and put in the count and save and then get to the next product scan the products

that go and put the county and save it and away you go you do also still need to go into the stock take itself right and you need to actually process the stock take so you need to go down in here and actually go and process the stock taker itself so where you go down and go process so that’s the process that you need to do even if you just do it on one product so just go make sure you’re going to process the actual stock tank and that will actually update all of the all of the quantities that you’ve added added in so that’s the update hope you love it

there’s some really cool things like I mentioned in the beginning there is a super cool update coming out more details coming on that soon but as always we love your feedback we’re acting on it and we really appreciate your feedback with stuff and I hope

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